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Net Zero starts
with energy waste

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Net Zero starts with energy waste

Renewables should be perceived as the champagne of energy: scarce and expensive.

When available, they must be used sparingly. It is not enough, therefore, to rely on long term decarbonisation of the UK’s energy generation to meet our Net Zero goals.

The cleanest energy is the energy we do not use

Reducing energy consumption is a vital part of achieving our Net Zero targets. Naturally, the more generation capacity required the more expensive the transition to renewable technologies will be. Hence, Net Zero starts with eliminating energy waste from our buildings by realising energy savings and increasing energy efficiency. Making best use of low carbon heat plant such as heat networks, heat pumps, and thermal storage requires energy efficient buildings.

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The purpose of EnergiRaven is to help building owners achieve their Net Zero targets.

As a platform, EnergiRaven is designed to help understand, plan, and navigate the optimum route to Net Zero.

EnergiRaven does this through energy education, state of the art carbon management tools, and energy performance reporting.

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